Focus = Success

Happy New Year to everyone! I wanted to start off 2015 by sharing a marketing rule that I have followed for many many years. I can guarantee that if you follow this one simple word equation, Focus = Success, you and/or your marketing group will have a prosperous year.

Let me elaborate on what I mean. When I was a kid, I was trying hard to ride my new bike, but I just could not stay on for more than a few seconds. The problem was, I was looking at my parents to show them how cool I am, but it was not making it very far before I had to put my feet down to prevent from falling off. I tried and tried and tried without success. Then my grandfather, who spent many years in the military, came over to me and said, “How will you ever ride this bike if you are not focused on what you are trying to accomplish?”. Being 6 years old, I didn’t know what he was talking about, so he then said, “just forget about your mom and dad and focus on what you are doing on the bike, focus on pedaling and steering!” With that advice, I climbed back on the bike, focused on my feet and the handle bars and the next thing you know, I was easily riding up and down the driveway. From that point on, I had mastered bike riding, simply by focusing on what I was trying to do and eliminating distractions.

Sounds pretty simple, but I believe this is one of the most overlooked rules of marketing. Too many people and/or marketing groups focus on too many things that have no relation to what they are trying to accomplish. Like me trying to focus on riding a bike and my parents at the same time, when I should have just been focused on riding a bike.

I have come to realize throughout my career that this holds true beyond learning to ride a bike and should be a fundamental rule to any sales and marketing program.

How can you and/or your Marketing team stay focused?
Have you ever wondered why race horses wear blinders? Well, they are used to block a horse’s sideways vision so that they will concentrate on the race at hand. Without them, horses may get distracted or nervous and never finish the race. I am not saying that marketers are horses, but DO NOT be afraid to put blinders on and focus one what you NEED to achieve to be successful. Do not let others try to distract you or your marketing team, but telling you about the next best thing.

In summary, when putting together your marketing plans for 2015, try to stay focused on goals. Of course, plans should always be tweaked as the year goes on, but constant change will prevent you from achieving success. Put blinders on, if they work for race horses, why can’t they work for marketers? And finally already remember that Focus = Success!

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